Modules and Basic Options

Financial Accounting
Purchase Ordering Department
Purchase Department
Sales promotion Department

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Financial Accounting module

  • Company/user/year (supports multiple companies, user and year)
    • Company creation
    • User creation
    • Year creation
    • Branch creation
  • Accounting Masters Update

    • Accounts and schedules
    • Account and schedule types (fixed assets, current assets, source of funds etc)
    • Instrument (name: cheque, demand draft, money order etc.)
    • Create different voucher types
    • Templates of various vouchers for easy entry of data
    • Customer definitions
    • Payment terms of customers
    • Cost centre
    • Cost category
  • Accounting Transactions Update

    • Cash and Bank book multiple cash or multiple banks can be maintained
    • Summarized cash and bank transactions daily
    • Opening balance
      • Of accounts
      • Of the bank passbook for bank reconciliations
    • Journals, Debit and Credit notes
    • Closing stock value calculation
    • Post dated cheques both credit and debits
    • Bill wise set off of each payments or receipts
    • FIFO wise set off and bill wise of each payments or receipts
    • Cost centre allocation of each entry
    • Cost category allocation of each entry
  • Reports

    • Check lists for all the above entries
    • Cash books
    • Bank books
    • Day book
    • Journals
    • Credit and Debit note register
    • Creditors
      • Ageing
      • Letter forms to be sent to creditors on balance confirmations
      • Consolidated statement of creditors analysis
    • Debtors
      • Ageing
      • Letters to be sent to debtors with payment request and age analysis
      • Consolidated statement for the management
      • Area wise collection details
      • Debtors group wise 
      • Ageing consolidated
    • Post dated cheque lists both debit and credit
    • List of cheque to deposited for a period
    • Ledger
      • Detailed
      • Consolidated
    • Locate 
      • An Amount facility
      • An instrument details
      • Transactions with reference to a narration
      • Transaction with reference to accounts
      • With reference to cost centre and cost category
    • Voucher type reports
      • (A cheque bounce voucher type shall be created and list of cheque bounced for a period can be extracted.)
      • Account wise voucher type reports
    • Cheques not cleared for a given period
    • Trial balance
    • Trading and Profit and Loss account
    • Balance sheet.
    • Schedules of the Manufacturing, Trading, P and L account and Balance sheet
    • Statement reflecting cash deposited, average cash deposited, balance cash to be deposited as per the estimate, cheque issued, average value of cheque issued and balance cheque to be issued as per the estimate
  • A report showing cheques deposited, cheques issued, bank charge, cheque returns cheque cleared 

  • Interest calculation

  • Management Information on Financial Accounting

    • Cash flow
    • Receipts and payments 
    • Cost centre wise Manufacturing, Trading and P and L Account
    • Balance sheet 
    • Depreciation calculations
    • Overdraft interest calculation for the bank
    • Reports based on user based multiple accounts selection and consolidation
    • Balance sheet - Schedule wise consolidated statements
    • Schedules
  • More over posting from Inventory, Sales etc. will be done on-line from the respective modules to financial accounting by using live and real time data capture techniques. Daily summary posting shall be done for sales/purchase accounts.

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Purchase Ordering Department

  • Purchase order 
  • Purchase order register

  • Pending purchase order with tentative date of delivery and current stock on hand

  • Details of short delivery against purchase order and value variation

  • Generation of purchase order should be automated in case item stock reach below reorder level

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Purchase Department

  • Purchase bill
  • Purchase register

  • Reminder letters for forms issues

  • Purchase return note

  • Purchase return register

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Godown Inventory

  • Goods received note (GRN)

    • This includes goods inwards through purchases or sales return etc.
  • GRN register

  • Damages note

    • Damaged goods are transferred to a separate location and goods lying in this location are treated as damaged. When the goods are taken back by the supplier, a goods outwards note/ gate pass is generated. When the supplier replaces the goods, GRN is generated and the same is referred to the damaged replacement note. 
  • Replacements yet to be received for damaged stock

  • Damages register

  • Location transfer note

    • This can be transfer to another godown or to the van
  • Location transfer register

  • Goods outward note/D.C

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  • Sales Order 

  • Sales bills

    • Cash
    • Credit
  • Estimates

  • Sales register

  • Estimate register

  • Sales return

  • Pro-forma Bill

  • Pro-forma bill register

  • D.C conversion to bills Party wise sales

  • Item wise sales

  • Last sale price customer wise

  • Undelivered items

  • Sales Reports

    • Area Wise
    • Representative Wise
    • Product wise

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  • Master

    • Nationality
    • Designation/trade
    • Visa type
    • Project Master
    • Employee
    • Earnings Master
    • Deductions master
    • Leave master
    • Category Master
    • Holiday Master
    • Loan master
  • Transactions

    • Cash
    • Credit
  • Sales bills

    • Daily attendance entry
    • Manual deduction and earnings
    • Loan transaction
    • Vacation details & Leave settlement
    • Loan reimbursement
    • Leave entry
    • Leave settlement entry
    • Renewal of R.P., P.P. etc.
    • Visa expiry details
    • Gratuity Settlement
    • Payroll Processing
    • Punch card integration
  • Reports

    • Missing Attendance 
    • Labour Cards
    • Pay Register 
    • Job wise Summary
    • Timesheet
    • Medical Leave List 
    • Advance Deduction
    • Job List
    • Staff List 
    • P.P. Expiry List
    • Trade List
    • Leave List
    • O.T. Details 
    • Reminders for renewals
    • Leave balance report
    • Earned leave report
    • Employee history
    • Organizational chart
    • Loan balances
    • Leave vs OT
    • Late coming early going

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